Angela Sydney Mason, M.P.H., M.S.W.
Licensed Clinical Social Worker LCS 21375

6230 Wilshire Blvd. #1122
Los Angeles, California 90048-5104

Tel and Fax: (323) 938-0119
Cell Phone:  (310) 433-4834

As a Clinical and Forensic Social Worker, I write social histories that are used by counsel in juvenile alternate sentencing plans, in habeas corpus matters and in the mitigation phases of state and federal death penalty cases. These social histories provide valuable facts and anecdotes that portray the client’s life story. In some cases, I testify and use graphics to illustrate and elaborate on the contents of the social history. In other instances, the social history is provided to the appropriate experts to evaluate and testify on behalf of our client.

In my capacity as a pyschosocial historian in juvenile court, I advocate on behalf of clients to ensure that schools conduct educational evaluations and develop Individualized Education Plans (IEPs). I also write alternative psychosocial and fitness reports that recommend suitable placement and treatment in lieu of juvenile hall, the youth authority or camp. Based upon my ten years of experience as a school social worker in New Orleans and Los Angeles, I bring a unique perspective to my work with juveniles and the courts. Since I speak the language and understand both the school and courtroom cultures, I can serve as an effective advocate and liaison for juveniles, between the courts, schools, parents and the Department of Children and Family Services. My clinical experience with adolescents and their families helps me assess, identify problems, diagnose and write in-depth psychosocial reports including recommendations and treatment plans to give young clients a second chance and plan for a successful release.

As a social historian in state and federal habeas corpus cases, I review discovery, help identify pertinent information in records and interviews that requires more exploration and strategize with the defense team to uncover new issues and themes not formerly brought out in trial. I write the social history and/or support and advise the writers.

After a social history has been completed, I may testify as a social historian or as a mitigation specialist. My testimony summarizes a client’s social history and I use creative visual aids to highlight new and relevant research. I create and discuss gen-o-grams or family maps to provide a picture of the multigenerational family patterns and relationships. I use video, photos, charts and graphics to emphasize specific case details, e.g. gang boundaries and experience, number of times a family has relocated, schools, large numbers of group and foster care placements, fetal alcohol syndrome, neurological problems, brain injury and risk and protective factors.